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A different and improved way of solving the same problem

In 2017, Pino Minino came to us as a brand with a super innovative product, but with very timid communication. It was at this moment that we decided to turn his communication style upside down and make it closer, more accessible and more reliable. That people perceive their communication and digital sales channels as innovative and fresh as the product they offered (a product that offers a different and improved alternative to solve the same problem), thus increasing traffic both in their website as in WhatsApp and consolidating social networks with an increase in their number of followers.

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Creative promotion

The Creative Promotion strategy sought that each content, each commercial campaign and all the language used in the brand’s digital media have a creative, colorful and fun tone, maintaining a correct balance between commercial content that would help us increase the number of sales and educational and entertainment content that would strengthen and grow the social media community.

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Cat lovers: educational and entertainment content

We start from the premise that people who like cats, like them TOO MUCH and love everything that has to do with them: tips, curious facts and images of funny moments that stage real and funny cases. Therefore, we decided to give them what they wanted to see, an Instagram full of cats with which they could identify.

Commercial promotion close and easy to understand

As another fundamental objective of the brand was to increase its number of sales, we implemented a commercial communication that was friendly, easy to understand and that had an immediate impact for each person who saw it. We began to directly communicate prices, product images, sizes, active discounts and places of purchase, always accompanied by a cute or funny image of a pussycat so that it would always attract attention.

Results and progress

Applying the above points and linking it with a strategy of advertising in different digital media, Pino Minino has managed to fulfill its objective of increasing online sales and consolidating an active community in social networks:


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